our story


our story

Our story begins with a husband and wife team owning a restaurant, which was originally located on Fullerton and Kedzie, until one day the jilted wife decides to get revenge on her cheating husband and sells the business to the DiVita’s family in the 1950’s.

Being excited with this fresh new start, the DiVita’s family decide to rename the restaurant and relocate it to Belmont and Hamilton in the late 1970’s. “DiVita’s Restaurant” is born.

The restaurant had then once again changed hands to the Pecarros family, where it becomes a thriving business of delectable Italian cuisine. After half a decade of toiling in the kitchens, the Aunt then sold the restaurant to her Nephew in 1983. He sold his previous restaurant and began building up the restaurants business with local loyalty and an extra special set of knives. A born native of Sicily, he brought his home cooking, hearty flavors, and passion for business to a culmination here.

Though he is much older now, he has brought up his four children in this business with all the ups and downs you could expect. Even thought his children have gone in their own directions, he still keeps his eldest son on hand to help ensure your pizzas are spectacular and that your experiences are memorable.

With the help of his wife, one of the two main chefs on staff, DiVita’s has spent the almost 40 years since its last purchase to bring you the most amazing experience we can possible ensure in our quaint little “home”. [/vc_column_text]

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